Stocks Equity Opportunities

Growing Assets with Stocks

I find it using stock options and equities to build your assets and your Internet marketing company, that said you must not be compulsive and never be panicky.

Balancing the Risk

The most important thing to remember about equities is to do your homework. Don't buy a stock just because somebody says "well that one is going to take off". So what I do is research the company checked the charts for historical data and try to find stocks that are undervalued.

Stocks and Bots

On this page I had set up links for robotics equity robots take a moment to check them out and see how comfortable you are with them.

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Kevin's Monthly Stock Pick

In this section of this page I will be talking about my monthly stock pick, of course this is only my opinion from my research. Basically what I'm saying is I get a kick out of putting this information out for you.

Now remember I am not a professional broker this is just my personal research on each one of the stocks that you will see in the section. If you see a stock that you like you definitely need to do your own research on it as well, remember what I said don't trust anyone who says the stocks going to soar. Also I am not responsible if you lose equity or value in the stocks you pick up from my pics. The stocks and I picked I will not have a position in I would want anybody accusing me of pumping a stock. So just have fun with this, and of course I will be keeping a running tally to see how well my stock picks have performed.

New Age Farm Inc. (OTC:NWGFF) An Emerging Market Stock

Normally I am very skeptical of OTC stocks but sometimes I can make an exception, when I find a company with a good CEO and a progressive business model my ears perk up. New Age Farm Inc. (CSE:NF) (OTC:NWGFF) (FSE:ONF) is a turnkey company providing high-tech growing facilities in Washington state and British Columbia. New Age Farms contract with licensed cannabis growers in Washington state, they provide secure growing facilities in greenhouse and outdoors. I do urge you to watch the video it is quite interesting and informative, I believe that this is one of those companies on the OTC market that you can hold long, the CEO claims that they will be in the green, if you’ll excuse the pun by fourth quarter 2017. Now remember this is a high risk investment, but the returns could be astronomical. So watch the video and go to the website do your research and decide for yourself.

New Age Farms website:

New Age Farm Inc. Video

We’re an agricultural services company that is here to help you grow your future. We offer unique turnkey growing infrastructure and services for licensed growers and processors of luxury crops at our green campuses in Washington State and British Columbia. Investors have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new and burgeoning industry by investing in our unique and carefully managed business model designed to capitalize on the needs of this emerging sector.

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